Is Your Ceiling Trying to Tell You Something?

For the most part, many people have never experienced the uneasy feeling of being in your home; glancing up and seeing something that somehow did not seem right. It is a sort of unusual moment when your entire body is immediately marinated in an uneasy sense of uncertainty.

Sometimes it is a slight discoloration in the corner of your ceiling. Other times it is a slightly noticeable paint blister. Some have noticed a slight odor in a certain area of the home. And still others have reported a “minor leak” that they have just “tolerated over the years.

”If you have experienced this and own a home, I am sure you can relate. If you are renting a home, this may enlighten you of the various concerns of home owners in the event that you hope to purchase a home in the future. 

Ultimately, a roof has one primary function and that is to keep you and your family safely sheltered from the outdoor elements. For the most part, this basic task is like the motor in your car running efficiently unnoticed in the background without drawing much attention to itself.

But like the check engine light, as soon as there is a problem, the sanctity of our normal operating environment is immediately disrupted.

A minor leak, a slight odor or uninvited guest can mean a world of misery to all in your home both young and old. Mold anywhere in your home is not good. That slight odor could mean a rotting rodent or moisture somewhere worth having investigated.

Realistically though, there is not much anyone can do to prevent with 100% certainty the inevitable crawl space critters and encroachment of microscopic organisms not visible to the naked eye.
What we encourage though, is taking a proactive preventative approach to home protection.
How does one go about taking such action? Here are a few really basic things you can do to be proactive:

Look Up While in Your Home.

As insignificant as this may sound, taking a moment to look up at the ceiling in your home may bring attention to an abnormality that could be symptomatic of a much larger underlying problem.

Obtain a Free Inspection.

Often times people are hesitant to ask for free handouts. Yet, when it comes to having your roof inspected, the peace of mind you receive knowing a professional looked at your roof is truly priceless.
We recommend adding "talk to a licensed roofing contractor" to your home maintenance checklist if at all possible. There is a higher standard of care and a greater degree of accountability for licensed contractors up to and including fines and having their license taken away should they not meet, among other things, industry standards, applicable state codes and ordinances.

These two fundamental tips can provide you with a sense of comfort in knowing that the place and your family sleep at night, your “home” is well protected.
If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas or concerns about the make, type and structural integrity of your roof, please feel free to stop by or give us a call. We enjoy meeting new people and helping them solve their roofing problems.

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