When in Doubt Get a Roof Inspector Out

Because we service the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawai’i. We have witnessed firsthand how the different environmental factors in Hawaii can impact an aging roof. 

A roof situated under the alternating blazing hot days and tropical cool nights in Kahului will age and deteriorate quite differently than a roof in the up country cooler and moister climate of Kula for example. Being aware of the influencing factors of geographical aspects may help you decide whether or not to have your roof inspected.

With that said, brief disclaimer, we are generally in favor inspecting roofs being that we are passionate about roof repair.

Squirrel aside, when in doubt have an inspector come out.

There are not too many places in the United States that you can go snowboarding in the morning then that very same day go surfing in the afternoon. Hawaii is beautiful and yet diametrically unique in that sense.

We have inspected roofs saturated with frost and the moisture of the lush tropical jungle on slopes of Mauna Kea in the morning, then a couple of hours drive away looked at pitches so dry that the morning dew seemed to have never graced the wood treatment.

Although we do offer a free roof inspection for our customers, a majority of the time, to us, the experience is truly priceless. Each roof has its very own story to tell, a sort of exploration and treasure trove of puzzles just waiting for solutions to be discovered.

Take for instance a roof we inspected in Hana. For us, it was not the over 600 curves and more than 50 bridges that was so memorable about our journey to the location. Nor was it the ancestral housing and agricultural development we saw along the way.

For us, it was something we never expected to see, whales.

If you are a Maui resident, you are aware of the time it takes to drive the Hana Highway. Knowing this, we picked up some general supplies and left Wailuku early just before sunrise. Passing through Pa’ia town looking out at Ho’okipa the water looked clear, gentle, and warm as we were heading towards Hana.

Right around the Huelo lookout one of us spotted a pod of Humpback whales swimming east along the coast.

As it is, a pod of Humpback whales in the water is a sight to see. But what we noticed this morning was a little different. There were three adult whales and one baby whale, and almost as if they knew we were watching them the adult whales started to breach.

Being that we are not oceanographers, we could not tell whether or not it was the same whale breaching or all of them taking turns of anything like that. All we could see was this baby whale swimming along the coast with these huge adult whales while one or two of the adults would breach the water now and then. It was truly phenomenal.

We could see the whales as we passed Keanae, Wailua and Nahiku. But just as we got closer to Hana they seemed to swim farther and farther away from the coast line to the point where it was difficult to see them with the naked eye.

We stopped for snacks at the general store in Hana, then made our way to the inspection location.

The inspecting older homes is like opening a portal to the past. Signs and clues from carpenters, electricians and roofers of the past communicate messages to you. Some messages cannot be ignored. Others act as a call to action.

In this case, the call to action was simply a consultation with a calendar entry to follow up on. Not every roof needs to be torn apart and rebuilt, and this was that type of roof.

As it turns out, witnessing the journey of the whales along the coast ended up being the superseding topic of the inspection.

Being able to appreciate the strength, power and beauty of these magnificent creatures humbly traveling along the coastline was such a commonality that it forged a very good relationship between us and the homeowner.

We look forward to expeditions like these. Each location presents its very own unique set of challenges be it residential or commercial. And we take great joy in discovering and embracing these challenges.

The thought of redoing a roof evokes many visuals for people. Some recall the sound of propane torch heating up an old Tar Kettle as roofers mop buckets of hot tar on a roof.

For us, being a roofer is more than just a job or memories like these. Being a roofer is a lifestyle where you look forward to waking up every day, taking on new challenges and protecting homes for people.

It is all of the above and more. This is part of why we do not mind and actually encourage having your roof inspected. You get the benefit of learning the current condition of your roof, and we just may get to see or experience something magical during the process.

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