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A Practical Guide to Finding a Good Roofing Contractor in Hawaii

For some reason it seems like the roofing industry has been saturated with companies actively advertising how they will provide you with a “free roof inspection” or “lifetime warranty” or a broad plethora of other very intriguing selling points to say the least.

But how do we determine which roofing contractor is the best option to place our time, hard earned money and inevitably trust in?

Having a team of workers climb on your home and repair your roof is a big decision. One that cannot and should not be taken lightly.

Another Perspective on Home Hazard Preparedness

Disaster preparedness may often be over looked as just another sales pitch used to motivate people in to making a fear purchases of batteries, flashlights and other necessities. Many often overlook marketing materials of this type unless and or until the very last minute or local news broadcasts recommends it.

But in the event that something happens, and you decide to start taking action, are you and your family truly prepared?

When in Doubt Get a Roof Inspector Out

Because we service the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawai’i. We have witnessed firsthand how the different environmental factors in Hawaii can impact an aging roof. 

A roof situated under the alternating blazing hot days and tropical cool nights in Kahului will age and deteriorate quite differently than a roof in the up country cooler and moister climate of Kula for example. Being aware of the influencing factors of geographical aspects may help you decide whether or not to have your roof inspected.

Is Your Ceiling Trying to Tell You Something?

For the most part, many people have never experienced the uneasy feeling of being in your home; glancing up and seeing something that somehow did not seem right. It is a sort of unusual moment when your entire body is immediately marinated in an uneasy sense of uncertainty.

R&C Roofing Contractors at the BIA Hawaii Big Summer Home Building & Remodeling Show 2018

We had a great time at this event. Met a lot of you all and our fellow vendors. You could feel the Aloha Spirit emanating throughout the event.

How to Find a Good Roofer

“A roofer?” I have lost count of how many times my answer to a question was responded to with that rhetorical question. Why people ask what a person does for a living in social gatherings has always been beyond the scope of my understanding. Perhaps some Pavlovian thesis may have it clarified somewhere locked in a basement like a secret scroll from the dead sea awaiting discovery.

In the meantime, for the most part I simply reply with “Yes, I roof.” Or something to that effect. Allowing the cruch phrase that tends to stimulate conversation at social gatherings to complete its less than stealth like mission.

The humorous side of me wonders how these conversations go at your local PTA meeting when someone asks the attending brain surgeon or theoretical physisist what their average workday looks like.

I supose the conversations must deviate as soon as craniotomy and spacial density of dark matter within a time and space continuim is introduced.

Or perhaps not.

A Roofer is Good to Know

Basking in the warmth of an afternoon sunset at the end of a long day at work is almost always an amazing feeling. Marinating in the various shades of pink orange and blue with lavender hues against your skin sitting on a rooftop like something straight out of a picturesque movie ending can only be explained with experience.

Roofers find joy in subtle moments like these at the completion of a project.

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